Like an ode to femininity, his nudes, visibly marked by cubism, are majestic, generous and sculptural. Seated or lying with shapes modelled by colour, Jean Chevolleau’s nudes are extremely powerful colour-wise but also possess underlying vigour.

My prime concern is to construct and re-construct

Jean Chevolleau

Nu Allongé

Nu allongé – 1974 (92 X 65)

1974 (92 X 65)

Nu assis

Nu assis – 1979 (81X116)

1979 (81X116)

Nu allongé

Nu allongé – 1977 (65X50)

1977 (65X50)

Elsa au miroir

Elsa au miroir – Collage – 1987 (26X18)

1987 (26X18)